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Course Summary

XML is quickly becoming the de-facto meta-markup language for business-to-business E-Commerce computing. But how should developers properly harness XML in their projects? In this 5-day course, your developers will gain hands-on experience with XML and related XML topics. The goal is to position your developers to know when, when not, and how to use XML technology in their own projects.

Detailed Course Outline

The course is divided in to a series of modules. Customized modules may be created at an additional charge.

XML basics

Understanding the XML value proposition
When to use XML, and when not to use XML in projects
How XML relates to other middleware
Understanding how to write XML documents
XML Parsers
XML Viewers
Document Type Definitions (DTDs), Validity, and Well-Formedness
XML Namespaces
Example-Based DTD Generation

XML for E-Commerce

Understanding the Simple API for XML (SAX)
Understanding the Document Object Model (DOM)
XML Storage facilities
XML and Databases

Advanced XML topics

Understanding the Simple Open Access Protocol (SOAP)
Understanding XML-RPC
XML Schemas
Biztalk Schemas

Presenting XML documents

XML Linking: ID/IDEF, XPointers, and XLinks
Understanding XSL and XSLT
Data Islands: MSIE5 and JSP

XML and middleware

BizTalk and OASIS Organizations: The Future of XML
B2B DTD Standards
Understanding the Directory Service Markup Language (DSML)
Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) with XML
XML Products Overview

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