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(Enterprise JavaBeans)
Detailed Course Outline

The course is divided in to a series of modules. Customized modules may be created at an additional charge.

Module 1: Introduction to EJB

History of Middleware
EJB, COM+, and CORBA Components
Explanation of the two bean types: session beans and entity beans
Understanding the limitations of EJB

Module 2: The Details of Writing Beans

A detailed look at session and entity beans
Step-by-step guide to writing beans
XML and Deployment Descriptors
Configuring, Administering, and Deploying into the application server

Module 3: Mastering Entity Beans I

Promises vs Realities: When to use Entity beans vs straight JDBC
Container-Managed Persistent Entity Beans
Bean-Managed Persistent Entity Beans
Promises vs Realities: When to use each persistence model

Module 4: Mastering Entity Beans II

Detailed lifecycle diagrams of Entity Beans
Handling relationships between Entity Beans
Dependent objects vs. Entity Beans
Mapping entity beans to complex schemas and stored procedures

Module 5: Mastering Session Beans I

When to use Session Beans vs stored procedures
Overview of both Stateless and Stateful Session Beans
Promises vs Realities: When to use each state model

Module 6: Mastering Session Beans II

Detailed lifecycle diagrams of session beans
Overview of application server clustering
Stateful session bean chaining

Module 7: Mastering the EJB services

Connection pooling
Declarative vs. Programmatic EJB security: When to use each
Portability of EJB security code
Custom security mechanisms
Handles and Home Handles

Module 8: Mastering Transactions

Transactions Motivation
When to use and not use transactions
Declarative EJB transactions
Programmatic transactions using the Java Transaction API (JTA)
How to properly leverage EJB transaction isolation levels
Distributed transactions, and how 2-phase commit really works

Module 9: EJB Design Patterns and Performance Optimizations

Unique Primary Key generation tactics
Enhacing your entity bean performance with value objects
Optimizing on the frequency of entity bean database writes
Many others . . .

Module 10: Roundtable discussion

Discussion of client specific business problem and how to use EJB on their project.

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