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Distributed Applications

  • Data are Distributed

  • Computation is Distributed

  • Users are Distributed

  • Fundamental Realities of Distributed Systems

  • Distributed Object Systems

What is CORBA?

  • The OMG

  • CORBA Architecture

  • The ORB

  • CORBA as a Standard for Distributed Objects

  • CORBA Services

  • CORBA Products

The Stock Application

  • Some Objects in the Stock Application

Implementing a CORBA Client

  • CORBA Objects are Described by IDL Interfaces

  • Object References and Requests

  • IDL Type System

    • IDL Type Operations

    • Request Type Checking

  • IDL to Java Binding

  • IDL to Java Compiler

  • Obtaining Object References

  • The Client's Model of Object Creation

  • Exceptions

Object Implementations

  • Providing an Implementation

  • Interface versus Implementation Hierarchies

  • Implementation Type Checking

  • Implementing a Server Using the Java 2 ORB

  • Implementing a Server Using VisiBroker 3.x

  • Differences Between Server Implementations

  • Packaging Object Implementations

Object Adapters

  • Activation on Demand by the Basic Object Adapter (BOA)

  • Portable Object Adapter (POA)


  • Web Sites

  • Documentation and Specs

  • Books

  • Miscellaneous

About The Java 2 ORB

  • idltojava Notes

  • System Properties

VisiBroker 3.x

  • VisiBroker Tools

  • Using VisiBroker with Java 2

  • Portable Stubs and Skeletons

  • Using the BOA with VisiBroker

  • Using the VisiBroker Smart Agent

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