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Payroll / Checks

Payroll is done on a  monthly  basis. Every Fourth week from the receipt of approved time sheet - Friday of the month, paychecks are distributed/mailed to each employee.

Salary Review Policy

The company carries out a performance review for all technical employee after the first six months for service and then annually thereafter.


If overtime is approved and paid by the client, Systec will pay overtime to its employees.

Green Card Sponsorship 

The Company sponsors employees for the Green card at anytime after three months of their employment and pays up to $ 50% of the expenses incurred therein. We expect a commitment of 24 months from the date of starting the Green Card process. If the employee decides to leave the employee will be  responsible to pay $ 5000  expenses to company.

H4 Sponsorship

The company helps married employee in processing of their H4 papers to bring their spouses to USA.


Two weeks of paid vacation is allowed after completion of one year of service.

401K Retirement Plan

The employee becomes eligible for the 401K Plan after completion of 1,040 hours of service without interruption,

Short and Long- Term Disability

The plan indemnifies employee for 60% of monthly salary to a maximum of $ 2,000 per month. Benefits begin on the first day for accidents and the eighth day for sickness.



Health Care Coverage

An individual is entitled to the medical treatment and prescription medicines as per the policy laid down by the insurance company. the employee contributes weekly $8.82 for singles and $21.57 for family health insurance coverage.

Dental care Coverage

The Dental insurance is also available to all employees. Most of the treatment is covered up to 100%. The employee contributes weekly 50% for single and 75% for family dental insurance coverage.



Guest House Facilities

The company has guesthouse or paying Guest Facilities, which are used to house to employees at reasonable cost, initially when they arrive into the country. This facility is also aviable to employees who are between projects from out-of-state areas.

Relocation for project

The company provides one week of accommodations when an employee is moved from one out-of-state project to another.


Initial loan upon arrival into the USA

The company may provides a loan (maximum of $500) to individuals to help them settle down.

Digital DCU Credit Union Membership

Systec employees are eligible to become member of the Digital Credit Union Important: Make sure that you include 2 forms of identification [Passport, Social Security card, Driver's license & Birth certificate are acceptable] along with the form. Benifits include:

  • Free checking account

  • Access to free PC branch

  • VISA credit with no annual fee, low interest rates and generous credit limits

  • Car loan of up to 80% of the purchase price and a term of 72 months

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